Wheel Spacers

Wheel Spacers



All Wheel spacers are not the same! - That's why the spacers that we manufacture are made to much higher, finer tolerances than the "run of the mill" spacers that you would find on your everyday car. To give you an example, all of the critical dimensions on our spacers are machined within 25 microns. That's half the thickness of a human hair! Those tolerances also apply to squareness & parallelism as well as concentricity of the spacer bore to boss. We challenge you to find a higher precision wheel spacer.

"Dear Hill Engineering - Just a note to say thank you kindly for your help and advice - all of my wheel vibration issues have now disappeared since I replaced the spacers on my F355 with your WSO15 - 15mm spacers."

Kind regards - C. Rodgers


"Type 1 Fixing" are plain hub centric spacers that require longer wheel bolts (Bolts supplied, but customer need to confirm length due to the difference in bolt lengths on various models of car - see explanation further down this page.)

Type 2 Fixing" are hub centric spacers with new bolts that fix the spacer to the hub. The existing wheel bolts are then used to affix the wheel on to the spacer.

The bolts that we ship with Type 1 spacers are chrome plated and the front domed face highly polished to a mirror finish.


Warning - Misapplication of tire/wheel adapter combinations may reduce vehicle stability and may cause accident and/or injury. Use on any vehicle of wheels of sizes or types not recommended or specified by the vehicle manufacture is at the users sole risk, and voids any and all warranties expressed or implied; (Including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose). Use of wheel adapters/spacers is at the discretion of the user. Liability becomes the user’s sole responsibility.

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