• WMB-01
This is a must for any serious Ferrari workshop - this simple but effective aid will help stop any paint build up on the critical surface between the wheel bolt & wheel insert/seat

Time and time again we are seeing wheels being finished with a huge build up of paint on the conical surface of the wheel insert. We can not begin to explain how dangerous this can be as the layer(s) of paint on the insert surface seriously affects the integrity of the bolted joint. The paint basically begins to get squashed and is soft enough to slowly move out of the bolted joint thus the bolt becoming loose. This pattern is accelerated when temperatures rise above normal driving conditions:-

At a recent track day event that Hill Engineering sponsors we actually witnessed a 360 loose a rear wheel out on track. It was only by shear luck that the timing of losing the wheel was right at the end of the session and damage was minimal. The owner contacted us for new bolts for his car as he was under the impression that something was wrong with the bolts as he had to keep on tightening up the wheel bolts when he first installed the newly painted wheels. The wheel bolts were replaced as a matter of caution but only after spending many hours removing the paint from the seat area.

Ensure your bolt seats stay free of paint by using the Hill WMB-01 masking bungs.

The kit contains 20 aluminum bungs complete with all fixing and suitable for all the Ferrari / Maserati 5 bolt pattern wheels that have the 60 degree conical seating.

Used on: 208, 246 Dino, 308 GT4 Dino, 308 GTB, 328, 348, 355, 360, 400, 412, 430, 456, 458, 488, 512 TR/M, 550, 575M, 599, 612, 812, California, F12, FF, GTC4 Lusso, Mondial QV 3.0, Mondial QV 3.2, Mondial T 3.4, Mondial 8, Testarossa, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Murcielago, Lancia Thema 8.32, Maserati 3200, Maserati 4200, Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale, Maserati Quattroporte (See product description notes)


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