Hill Engineering's Tensioner Bearing for 288GTO, 308, 328, 365BB, 512BB, F40 


  • Light weight outer housing that takes its design from the highly renown PT348 tensioner bearing. SKF 105206/A weighs 436 grams whilst the PT308 only weighs 298 grams! - Thats over 30% difference
  • Dual angular contact bearing design with single piece inner race rather that the split inner race that has a tendency of falling apart if the fitter is unaware of the consequences of not installing correctly.
  • High temperature rated grease and seals
  • Bearings made to Hill Engineering's specifications on grease, seals, cage material and internal clearances.

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CAUTION : Before purchasing any tensioner bearings - please be aware of counterfeit bearings - all tensioner bearings are not the same - please click here

We are aware that some websites are using pictures of our bearings when in fact what is being supplied is not Hill Bearings.


All Hill PT Tensioner bearings & CRB clutch slaves unit come in Security sealed boxes

Used on: 208, 288 GTO, 308 GT4 Dino, 308 GTB, 308 QV, 328, 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer, 512 BB, 512 BBi, F40, Mondial QV 3.0, Mondial QV 3.2, Mondial 8 (See product description notes)


  • £65.00

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