22 Spline Gauge for checking spline wear on 355 Flywheel (and Crank)

This gauge has been specially made to check the wear on the female spline of the 355 flywheels. The female spline has a tendency to wear bell mouthed and thus causes extreme stress on the the male spline of the quill shaft. This stress will cause the quill shaft to break at one of the grooves for the triple seals - something that has been seen over many years and never full understood.

We do not recommend fitting any new quill shaft (Hill Eng or OEM) without checking the wear of the flywheel spline first. If the NO GO end of the gauge enters the flywheel spline it will indicate that either a new flywheel will be necessary or more economically, replace the flywheel spline hub 159507-100.

(Gauge ends made from Hardened Tool Steel)




Used on: 355


  • £135.00