• CRB-355MS

Uprated version of #168594 Clutch release bearing complete with pre-fitted OEM seals.

All Hill Engineering clutch release bearings utilise a much improved bearing that is specifically manufactured for Hill Engineering by RHP-NSK. This bearing has been designed with many improvements including uprated seals and grease over the OEM SKF bearing that has a tendency of failing prematurely.

CRB355MS / #168594 should only be fitted the later style flange (CRBF 348/355 - #168589 ) & 158209 (late 355). An easy way to tell if you have the later flange is by measuring the spring hole centers shown in the diagram below. Early flanges have a dimension of 82mm while the later flange as shown has 86mm.

A complete flange and clutch release bearing kit is available in part number #177784 for cars that still have the older 82mm flange. This kit removes the old style fixed release bearing that was superseded to the far superior floating bearing design with PTFE seals. If you have had problems with leaking seals on your old #155226 release bearing on your 348 or premature wear on the fingers of the pressure plate, this kit is the answer and is far superior over the early Ferrari design.  (The #177784 kit is also suitable for the early F355 with black seals in release bearing and 82mm spring centres)

Used on: 348, 355 (See product description notes)


  • £312.00