Complete set of Hill Engineering Design 488 Challenge Bushes (14).

After being approached by a customer who was disappointed in the longevity of the factory bushes, Hill Engineering was asked to design an up-rated, improved bush.

Made using the same material technology of our WAB bushes which we have been producing for over 10 years ( Teflon impregnated Delrin) which is proved to be one of the best materials for this application.

17/4PH Stainless Steel construction for durability & strength while still maintaining corrosion resistance.


Kit comprises of:

10 x H01-04000 (100mm Bolt Centers)

2 x H01-04020 (120mm Bolt Centers)

2 x H01-04030 (85mm Bolt Centres)


Total of 14 bushes


Used on: 458 Challenge, 488 Challenge


  • £1,850.00