• 522047

522047 Synchro Sleeve (Superseded from #522457)

Made to Hill Engineering's exacting standards that far exceed the OEM specifications.

Manufactured from a much improved Aircraft release specification steel that is used in many Formula one motorsport gearbox components and aircraft landing gear. No less that fourteen different processes are carried out to produce our Synchro Sleeves and we challenge you to find a better quality part.

All Hill Synchro Sleeves are Wax dip protected after final inspection to ensure that the parts are kept free from damage and corrosion. Please be careful when removing the wax dip and avoid using sharp instruments that can damage the parts.


Used on: 250, 275 GTB/GTS 2 Cam, 275 GTB4, 330 GT 2+2, 330 GTC , 365 GT 2+2


  • £560.00