159507-100 - Flywheel Spline Mount.

The most common part of the 355 flywheel that wears out that more often than not gets totally overlooked. The spline connection at end of the quill shaft is one of the most critical areas that should be looked at whenever the clutch pumpkin comes off the car. We have developed a unique spline Go/No-Go gauge to check the wear on the female spline in the flywheel. Hill Engineering tool H01-03600.

The spline tends to wear bell mouthed and this is what ultimately causes the quill shaft to eventually break due to microscopic cracks forming in the root of the triple seal grooves.

Up until now the only way to overcome a worn spline was to replace the whole flywheel but now we offer the spline mount that can be replaced by any competent workshop.

(New Rivets supplied with spline mount)

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Used on: 355


  • £225.00