• RL-02 Reverse Lever

Reverse lever for Maserati Quattroporte

Comprises of 1 x Forked lever made from high tensile Aluminium, 1 x Black anodised aluminium handle section & 2 x Special Screws

The two pictures below show the common problem on the Quattroporte where the forked section breaks up and the plastic handle cracks. Hill Engineering have come to the rescue with these two parts that will overcome the problem forever. No need to pay out for a complete control unit (196757) where our simple fix will be better than the original manufactured part!

Please note that the polished chrome cap is not included in the kit as this is re-used from the original part which is simply fixed via a small screw from the underside of the black handle section.



Used on: Maserati Quattroporte (See product description notes)

RL-02 Reverse Lever

  • £99.50