AUGUST - 2015

It has been bought to our attention that that there are some poorly made copies of the 154511 flange in circulation. This is the clutch flange that is is used on the late 512TR.

The problems that we have found over the original factory flange are numerous but the biggest problem by far is the surface finish of the bearing journals. The middle picture shows the surface test probe running along one of the journals which should measure a maximum of 0.2 Ra as set out by the OE seal manufacturer as these are critical for the sealing of the slave. As can be seen in the far right picture we have measured 0.89Ra which is over 4 times over maximum and the same excessive error was found on the smaller diameter as well. The course finish on these diameters will have a detrimental effect on the seal life on the seals of any clutch release bearing be it a Hill part or the Factory Valeo part.

Please be aware that Hill Engineering will not be able to warranty any of its CRB456/550 that are fitted to any of these flanges.

Hill Engineering is urgently manufacturing the 154511 flange to the correct OE specification and will be available by October 2015 - NOW AVAILABLE


Counterfeit Bearings
Just one of the reverse engineering processes at Hill Engineering